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The #1 Team in Helping Families Find Their Dream Homes!

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced Investor, you will find useful information on regarding how to choose the ‘right’ property, make an offer, negotiate, finance, located mortgage rates, move and everything else involved in making an informed Real Estate Decision in today’s market.

Ball Field 2 It’s difficult to be the Pitcher, Shortstop, Outfielder and Infielder all at one time….

And Yet,

Real Estate Agents who try to find the perfect home for you without the assistance of an Entire Team are trying to do just that.  They can’t possibly field every hit and that may mean that YOU miss out when the perfect home comes along.  Buying a home is a complex process.  One agent trying to do it all can only perform One function at a time.

The Kiper Team can professionally manage ALL of the details of your Transaction Simultaneously so that you Receive MEMORABLE Real Estate Service!!


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The Kiper Team offers quality customer service, experienced professionals and so much more.

100% loyalty to home buyers 100% of the time!

The Kiper Team offers Experienced Professionals, Quality Customer Service and so much more!

We are a Real Estate Team with a staff that offer reliable and constant contact for all your needs

Why pay for one agent when you can have a full staff?


We Specialize in Everything Real Estate: First Time Home Buyers, Real Estate Investors, Private Sales, Short Sales and Bank/Government Foreclosures.

Our Team has over 60 years Experience in Real Estate


Owning a Home

The Kiper Team will make the experience fun and exciting as we find you the perfect property.  Owning a home is a big part of the American Dream.  There is a sense of comfort, security and pride when you are able to live in a home that truly reflects your unique tastes and caters to your living needs.  That is why the Kiper Team puts your needs first during the home buying process (And, the tax break and equity is not bad either).

Most people will only look for a few homes in their lifetime.  Therefore we know this is a big undertaking.  In order for you to feel comfortable during the home buying process, we will educate, equip and arm you with the most up-to-date information.

The Kiper Team has a variety of resources that are not found elsewhere that make finding the perfect home easier for you.  We are a Full Time Teal Estate Team that offers full-time attention to all of our clients.

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Home Buyers Information

The Kiper Team will provide you with Resources and Materials in the home buying process as well as other reference material that you may find helpful.  You will know what to expect every step of the way.

Here at The Kiper Team we are totally committed to assisting you in finding the right property to suit your needs.  There are a lot of steps to purchasing a home which is why our Team has spent a lot of time researching each step to the home buying process.  So much so that we have written a book!

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First Time Homebuyer Program

Thousands of low and moderate income Missouri residents are purchasing homes thanks to First-Time Homebuyer Programs.  The competitive interest rates and mortgage options on 30-year, fixed rate mortgage loans make it affordable for qualifying buyers to purchase homes.

Applicants for First-Time Homebuyer Programs must meet special income limits and properties must meet purchase price limits.  The limits vary by city and town.  Be sure to check Missouri’s income and Purchase price limits.

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